About Inooshphones®

Operating from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Inooshphones® is a company specialized in the buying and selling of batches of refurbished smartphones of world leading brands.
These batches of smartphones come from international providers and are both optically and qualitatively in excellent condition.

Inooshphones® is aimed at both the export of smartphones to countries which are in need of access to the mobile internet/network (Africa, the Balkans and Asia) and the sale within the business market, especially the service sector/insurance companies where smartphones serve as a replacement set for defective or damaged phones. We are able to deliver large quantities as well as specific orders of attractively-priced smart-phones. Moreover, for a longer period as we certainly believe in personal long lasting relationships with our partners. Conditions of warranty as agreed.

Inooshphones® Office

Our vision

"To be the worlds number one supplier of refurbished smartphones for the business and service market."

Our mission

"To provide high quality refurbished smartphones with respect to provenance, trust and personal long term relationships."

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846 Sims Ave #09-758
Singapore 400846

Telephone: +65 67269662

Inoosh Pte Ltd
CRN-number: 2008000444Z

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