Frequently asked questions


Where are the products manufactured?

All Inoosh ReCharge stations are manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa


How do I charge my phone?

Insooh ReCharge units are easy to use and extremely user friendly. Instructions will be visible on the unit. Please see video on homepage for a step-by-step instruction.


What sort of usage can I expect?

Usage depends on location & machine. Our machines do anything from 50 to 400 charges a month.  You can decide how much you want to charge per charge. Anything from free up to $5 per charge. It depends on your market & type of venue.


What is the size of each Inoosh ReCharge unit? - i.e. height, width and weight

See each product’s specs under products.


How many mobile devices can a unit charge simultaneously?

The units can charge as many mobiles as there are boxes. 


What happens if a client forgets their password?

Each machine comes with a unique programmable master override code that can reset any box.


I can find similar machines for cheaper in China, why can’t I just buy those?

The Chinese machines aren’t really that much cheaper than the Inoosh ReCharge machines. Furthermore, when we started Inoosh ReCharge we specifically bought every single type of charging machine on the market to see the quality of the machines. The Chinese machines especially are of a very cheap quality and tend to breakdown quite easily. Also, with the Chinese machines there is no after-sales support. If the machine breaks you’re stuck with an expensive white elephant!


What type of guarantee do you offer on your machines:

We offer a comprehensive 1-year manufacturing warranty on all machines. Physical damage will void the warranty.


Charging time? Costs?

Charging speed is equivalent to the speed of your original manufacturers charging.

Price & charging time can be set manually per use.


How long can I leave my phone in a compartment to charge?

To prevent your phone from over charging; Your phone will stop charging once it is fully charged, but the compartment will only open once you retrieve your phone with your security code after any time period.


Revenue streams?

Charging income from coin or chosen method.

Advertising income through selling of advertising space on screen.

Advertising income through physical branding of machines wrap.


How can I track the usage of my machines?

Each machine comes with a built in audit counter.


How do I upload media?

The standard machines come with a USB-loaded media player. Remote content management systems are available for larger orders (50+).


Who will find advertisers and sell the advertising space?

It is your responsibility to source your own advertisers. 


Will a large amount of maintenance be required for the upkeep of RiCharge units?

No. Machines are easily self-sustainable with only the charging tips breaking every once in a while. However, the machines have been designed that you will easily be able to service the machine yourself. Parts will be available to purchase from us.


What if new chargers come onto the market, can we update the machines?

Yes. You will be able to purchase the new charging tips from us.


What happens in case of a power outage?

Backup batteries are included for Indian installations which allow clients to still get their phones out in case of a power outage.


What is the specific site requirements needed to power the units?

The site doesn’t need to supply anything other than a single power point. Plug and Play


Power Consumption?

The Machines consume 50W over 24 hours.



Please see product pages for starting prices. 


Delivery Time?

Manufacturing time is 4 - 7 weeks depending on order size.


Exclusivity in my territory?

We do offer exclusivity in other countries. We are however very selective with whom we partner and there are yearly purchase obligations to retain these rights. We also require a face to face meeting before we will give exclusivity. Please contact us for more information.


Can the machines charge tablets?

Tablet charging takes a lot longer than mobile phone charging. The machines have been optimised for phone charging, and not tablets, due to the nature of tablet's batteries.


How big are the compartments?

The compartments are 16,5cm Deep, 10cm High & 18cm Wide.


There have been similar public charging points in the past - what are your thoughts on this?

We are the first company to locally design and manufacture public charging stations.

We have designed our product to fit the security needs of the South-African public.

Our machines are made of high quality parts, safe, unique and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Its hassle free


Do you have solar units available?

All of our machines can run off solar power. The solar machines can not have the screens for advertising.


Can a client request certain alternations and different branding for units?

Yes, we work hand in hand with all our clients and major brands to come up with a solution that’s favourable for both parties. More information is available on request.