The frustration of constant low battery power while on the go is what led to the creation of Inoosh ReCharge – Why don’t we have access to secure public cell phone and mobile phone charging facilities anywhere, anytime?

We, together with the help of few technology entrepreneurs, a seasoned project manager, initially investigated international solutions for cell phone and mobile phone charging facilities. However, the international solutions were left wanting, as they did not cater to the specific needs of the Singapore market. Together, over a 10 month period, we developed a product that could meet the unique demands of the Singapore consumer whilst also being robust enough to survive South East Asian market.

The Inoosh ReCharge machines were designed with security in mind and offer the most secure solution to public charging facilities internationally. Inoosh RieCharge has one of the most advanced patented charging systems available on the market.



Inoosh was started in June 2008. Inoosh Head Office is in Singapore

Inoosh ReCharge is currently exporting large quantities of units to Africa, Europe, Americas & Australasia.

It is our aim for Inoosh ReCharge to be for batteries what gas stations are to cars.