We are group of telecom engineers based in Singapore with offices in Bangalore and Gunagzhou. We run a full-time small smartphones, tabs, ipads and ipods repair centre called Inoosh Repairs with main engineer being Veebee.

Started as Blackberry Repair in 2009, we have grown to repair all smartphones including Samsung, Apple, Blackberry and also HTC, Motorola, LG and would further grow in to Lenovo, Coolpad and Xiaomi.


We are proud to design each and every one of our websites, portals and e-shops. We are also very adept in professional handling of our clients. We have more than 35 corporate clients in Singapore catering telecom consultancy, supply of acessories and repairs.

Skills & Interests

We love handling high technlogy equipment espeically the telecom products and have the expertise, dexterity and concentration required. Our engineering job is our passion.

We are also into telecom mobile spare part trading as well as run many e-shops delivering mostly memory cards, memory modules and other electronic parts. Our speciality is procurement which is the main strenghth for any repair work-shop. Our company main website provide a full list of our business activity.


With our expertise in software and web development, and our expertise in telecom, we have taken-up a new project of developing apps in IOS, Android, Chrome and Blackberry. All our clients may shortly look forward to app based problem reporting, quote and tracking the reapirs process. Again, if you need any information on any of the businsee activity we are involved in, please visit of our company website.

Selected Features: