Samsung NEXUS

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Samsung® Smartphone NEXUS Repairs
Including: GT-I9250

We can repair broken screens, sounds problems, charging problems and even liquid damage. We have over 10 years expereince in repairing mobile phones. All repairs come with a 3 month warranty for your peace of mind.

Please select problem/fault from the list below:

LCD broken / No display
This fault is when the screen looks like it has a ink stain, or no display at all 
Repair Price: S$150.00

Lens Digitizer (External)
If your external screen is cracked or scratched
Repair Price: S$80.00

Charging / USB connector
The connector for the charger is either not charging the phone, or you cannot connect it to the computer 
Repair Price: S$80.00

Other Problems / More than one issue - Send it in for an INSPECTION
Select this repair if you would like us to inspect the unit and respond with a price .
Repair Price: S$50.00

Battery cover
This is a new cover for the battery 
Repair Price: S$35.00

Liquid damage
If the phone has been damaged by water or liquid and is now not working properly 
Repair Price: S$100.00 (Repair Charges alone, Parts replaced would be extra)

Software errors problems
This is when the Blackberry is having problems with normal operation, e.g. crashing constantly or showing a reload error number 
Repair Price: S$80.00

This is so that you can use the Blackberry on any other network 
Repair Price: S$60.00

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